Instructional Teaching Assistant Jobs in the United States

Decatur Public Schools

Jobs as a Teaching Assistant in Instruction in the USA. Decatur Public Schools is seeking an instructional teaching assistant who will work hard and dedicate themselves to the school. Read the description provided below for more details about this position.


Instructional Teaching Assistant


The company’s hourly wage ranges from $18.50 to $22.67.


  • Attractive salary packages will be offered.
  • All employees have equal opportunities for growth.

Job Roles

  • Assign students their own academic work and assist in grading their assignments.
  • Informs the teacher of each student’s specific needs.
  • When required, offers assistance and escorts to students. helps with the management of each student’s records.

Eligibility Criteria

  • capable of demonstrating effective behavior management techniques and interventions. ability to function well as a team player at school
  • Must be able to connect well with staff, parents, the community, and students. Positive interpersonal skills are a must.

Last Date to apply

  • Candidates may apply for this position prior to the position’s closing. Perhaps this is the position you’ve been looking for!

How to Apply

  • Please visit the website listed below to apply for this position.
  • By selecting the apply button, interested candidates may submit an application.
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  • For the most recent job openings, please visit
  • To avoid confusion, applicants should submit all necessary documentation in accordance with the job description.
  • Fill out the application form completely to ensure that you are easily accessible to the company and that your application is not overlooked.
  • The company will get in touch with the chosen candidates.
  • Candidates must be patient while waiting to hear back for interviews.


Decatur, AL, USA

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